Shop Until You Drop at Ameyoko, Ueno’s Lively Street Market


If Ginza has many department stores for high-end and trendy fashion and Shinjuku is known for its abundant massive electronics retailers and numerous gaming stores, Ueno has Ameya-Yokocho, more commonly known as Ameyoko, a lively street market that runs alongside the railway tracks between JR Ueno Station and Okachimachi Station.

Ameyoko has an interesting past. During World War II, the Ameyoko Street Market was originally known as the “black market” of illegal trading when goods and necessities were in short supply. Now, the area is packed with shops selling all types of products like fresh fish, provisions, candies, food and drinks, street food, clothing, shoes, cosmetics, toys, games, and many more.

Ameyoko:UenoThe bustling street of Ameyoko is consists of two sections, the open-air market and the Ameyoko Plaza which is located directly beneath the JR train tracks. Ameyoko is a great place to shop if you are looking for unique and affordable items. You might also find some designer brands and other fashion items at a cheaper price which is definitely a great deal. One of the reasons why Ameyoko is visited among locals and visitors is because of its various food shops and food stalls, located just by the streets of Ameyoko. The place is also popular for bargaining various products, from fashion items, souvenirs, etc.

This lively street is the busiest in late December every year. A lot of people visit the market, hoping to snag a bargain for the traditional Japanese New Year food ingredient and some holiday gifts.

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