Palette Town⁠—a Shopper’s Paradise and the Home of Japan’s Biggest Ferris Wheel

Tokyo - Odaiba: Palette Town - Daikanransha

Other people love to go shopping and eating out while others love to spend their days off enjoying their senses out in an amusement park. While these two activities seem to be situated so far, you can actually find both a shopping center and an amusement park in one place. Situated in Odaiba, Tokyo, you can find Palette Town, a known shopping center and entertainment complex.

The main shopping area in Palette Town is called Venus Fort, a three-story shopping mall whose appearance was inspired by Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and is designed to look like 17th-century Europe. The interior of the mall features classic Greek and Roman decorations to bring the 17th-century feeling. Overall, there are around 170 shops inside the Venus Fort alone.

Venus FortAside from the Venus Fort, there is a lot of different variety of shopping attractions and interesting stores inside the Palette Town. Some of the known attractions are the Toyota Mega Web store, which showcases some of the latest Toyota models and its future prototypes, and Tokyo Leisure Land, a hot place to go if you want to go karaoke or play pool. The state-of-the-art digital museum teamLab Borderless is also situated inside Odaiba’s Palette Town complex, compromising 10,000sqm of its space.

Aside from these attractions and shops, you can also enjoy concert and music events inside Palette Town with Zepp Tokyo in its premise. Zepp Tokyo is a big music venue in Tokyo that had accommodated numerous concerts from both Japanese and international artists.

Palette Town

The famous and the biggest Ferris wheel in Japan, Daikanransha, which also serves the landmark of Odaiba, is also situated in Palette Town. This 115 meters Ferris wheel towers over the numerous buildings in Odaiba. The Ferris wheel also lights up at night, making it visible to all over Koto. Daikanransha offers a 16-minute long ride to let you enjoy the spectacular views of Tokyo over the bay. You can see the Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree, Rainbow Bridge, and on clear days, even the majestic Mt Fuji from Daikanransha.

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