5 best beaches in Japan: Explore these timeless paradise

Japan is known for its cleanliness and breath-taking locations of the beach, the water here is crystal clear and the biodiversity is massive thanks to the efforts of the Japanese Government for their environmental conservation. Japan’s beaches can set side by side to the some of the most well known countries in the world like Spain, Portugal, Bali, and Australia.

Here are the Top 5 best beaches in Japan.

Shirahama Beach

Located in southern Wakayama area in the region of Kansai in Japan, the Shirahama Beach is a different kind of beach. It is made with artificial white sand imported from Australia. The name Shirahama Beach literally means “White beach”considering its white artificial sand. Whilst the sand is not really ideal for relaxation and picnic as compared to others on this list. However, if you have to participate in water sports and water activities then Shirahama beach is the right place for you.

Yonaha Maehama Beach

The Yonaha-maehama Beach is located in the Miyoki Island, roughly 400 miles from the coast of  Okinawa Prefecture. It is widely considered as one of the best and the most beautiful beaches in Japan.  It is most popular from the spring through the autumn season and is the main attraction on Miyako Island. This beach is uncrowded unlike some of the popular beaches around the world and  is truly one of the best beaches in Japan that nature and beach lovers can enjoy.

Kondoi Beach

Kondoi beach is located on a small island called Taketomijima, which is located around 6km away from the west side of Ishigakijima. This breath-taking beach is more accessible than the Yonaha Maehama beach as it is just a small ferry ride from the coastline of Japan in Ishigaki. The waters in Okinawa are transparent clear matching the cobalt blue sky. You can go swimming during high tide, though in low tides, the beach is a bit shallow but water never recedes completely. It is also famous for its great snorkeling and diving environment.

Jodogahama Beach

Jodogahama Beach is located within the Sanriku Fukko National Park in Iwate, Japan and is officially recognized as a place of scenic beauty. Jodogahama literally means “Pure Land”, legend has it that a Buddhist priest who once visited compared the beach’s beauty to Buddha’s Paradise giving rise to the name Jodogahama. The beach is popular for adventure sports lovers who enjoys things like swimming, cave and rock exploration, and hiking. Jodogahama Beach reminds visitors about the beauty of traditional Japanese rock gardens.

Kurasaki Beach

Kurasaki Beach is a truly unreal sight to behold, it is located in Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan. You will find plenty of fishes here and while walking along the shore, the soothing and relaxing sound of the waves splashing helps you to ease up your mind and enjoy the view of the sea. The shallow coastline water is ideal for snorkeling and diving too.

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