5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan

Japan will never fail to amaze you. The hospitality, the food, the culture, the polite and friendly people, and of course the stunning sights above and under the sea. Spending a night or two on this amazing country is not enough when you want to explore and savour all Japan has to offer.

Here are the top 5 reasons why visiting Japan should be on your bucket list.


If you love celebrations, so does Japan! There are more than 300,000 traditional festival or “matsuri” in Japanese, and they are unique and different from city to city. People wear their typical festival attire and carry a heavy Mikoshi, which is a portable shrine around the street, hoping it can bless the town and its people. Though, matsuri is occasionally refers to an event held in a local area. It could be an artistic competition or dancing performance, such as Yosakoi matsuri in Kochi Prefecture or Yuki matsuri in Hokkaido Prefecture.

Temples, Shrine and Castle

Japan is also known for its temples, shrines and castles. These beautiful, sacred places offer a unique glimpse into the ancient history and customs of Japan. Confused on what’s the difference between temples and shrines? Temples are used by the Buddhist faith and focus on celebrating death and the afterlife while shrines belong to the Shinto faith and celebrate life, both are used for worship and to house sacred objects.

The Food

Ramen,Tempura and Sushi are the most well-known Japanese Foods in the world. However, there are more varieties of Japanese food to explore and try. Our tip is that, taste a local cuisine while you are in Japan for the reason that each prefecture and/or city has their own specialty dishes. Keep it mind that food is an unquestionably vital part of the travel experience. The key to understanding a place’s culture and history often lies in its cuisine.

Robots and Gadgets

The world leader in the development of Artificial Intelligence or AI (jinkou chichou in Japanese) and robotics is Japan. If you visit Tokyo, you can meet humanoid robots like Pepper, promote the latest smartphone deals outside Softbank shops. Japan has been one and the same with technology since 1960s. You can also visit Odaiba, an artificial island that contains the Miraikan National Science Museum.  So if you are a tech-lover, there’s really no other destination like Japan.

Manga and Anime

Big parts of modern Japanese culture of today are Anime and Manga. If you are a manga/anime lover, then you should definitely visit manga and anime places in Japan, especially, in Akihabara. They say anything related to Otaku culture can be found in Akihabara such as Gaming, Anime, Manga, Figures, Underground idols. Akihabara is also known as the electric town selling wide range of electronic products.

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