See the Odori Park at Sapporo

Odori Park or ‘Large street park’ in English was initially constructed to be a firebreak between the south and north of Sapporo, to safeguard the government and administrative districts from any disaster strike. In the later years, Odori park became a place for relaxation and a tourist spot attraction. In early February, the park also serves as the main site of the Sapporo Snow Festival. Odori Park is just beside Odori Subway Station or a 10 minute walk of JR Sapporo Station, In winter the trees are illuminated, and it is called White illumination. And in summer months, you can sit under the sun and enjoy beers from all over the world during Sapporo Odori Beer Garden and Sapporo Summer Festival.

Fun fact: the park was used for food manufacturing during the World War ll. Odori Park is divided into 13 sections, or 13 chome, each with something different to offer. With fountains, sculpture, fauna and statues throughout the ground.

At the eastern part of Odori Park lies the Sapporo TV Tower, which has an awesome observation deck with jaw-dropping views of the park and the surrounding city. The said tower is approximately 150 meters tall, and the observation deck is at an elevation of 90 meters. It is about 65 meters wide and 1.5 km long, and is between two streets. It expands east and west. When it is evening, the tower is illuminated, brightening its surrounding which made it an attractive landmark. You should visit the Park and mingle with the locals picnicking out in the sun or just stroll through for a relaxing afternoon walk.  If you got hungry while taking that afternoon walk, worry not because there are small stalls that sell two of Hokkaido’s specialties which are grilled corn on the cob and buttery potatoes.

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