Explore Japan’s Tasty Side

One of the questions we are dying to ask from locals when travelling is the food.  Where to eat locally, what is the signature dish of the place, and how good is the cuisine?

One way of getting to know a place is through your palate.  If the food is good enough for you, then, falling in love with the place will follow.  Knowing that Japan is the one of the most loved countries in the world, no wonder a lot of people are curious over Japanese dishes.

Scroll down as we briefly introduce you to some of the popular Japanese dishes.


Sushi RollSushi is considered to be the most popular Japanese food in the world.  It is a dish made of pressed rice with a piece of raw fish, shellfish or vegetables.  It is served with soy sauce and wasabi which may be mixed with other seasoning or just plain soy sauce.  Sometimes, pickled ginger is also served with sushi as a palate cleanser.  Sushi can be eaten using a chopstick or with your bare hands.

There are different types of sushi restaurants in Japan.  The Kaiten-Zushi (conveyor belt sushi) is a fun way of enjoying sushi on a moving conveyor.  Enjoy eating as much as your heart’s desire for an affordable price of about a 100 yen per serving.  The much more high-end one is Edomae Sushi (Edo-style sushi).  The setting is within a counter, with the chef preparing sushi right before your eyes.


Salmon sashimi Yuichiro Haga is another signature dish in Japan that will truly leave your mouth watering.  Sashimi is similar to sushi but it is made without rice.  It is a dish made from raw seafood, meat such as beef, horse and deer and tofu, which are thinly sliced into bite-sized pieces.  The sliced pieces are displayed atop a platter of shredded daikon and garnished with shiso leaves.  The known varieties of sashimi are maguro, salmon, mackerel and sea bream.

Typically, sashimi is eaten together with soy sauce and depending on the type of sashimi, you may add a little ginger or wasabi.  You simply have to dip each piece into the soy sauce. 


Unagi nigiriA high-end dish that is a must-try for everyone is the Unagi.  Though this dish is truly costly, almost all Japanese would die to feast on it.  It is typically served on wooden skewers which is grilled in a slow charcoal fire and dipped in secret sauce, sugar, mirin and even sake, which is popularly known as Kabayaki.  In Nagoya, this dish is served with rice along with chopped green onions and wasabi, and sometimes they would pour on green tea or meat broth over the plate.

Unagi may not be as popular as sushi or sashimi but it is by far the only dish most closest to the heart of all Japanese. 


Tempura combo (8720446952)When one says Japan, the first thing that comes to mind is Tempura.  Who doesn’t love tempura?

It is typically a meat, seafood or vegetable dipped in a delicious batter and deep-fried to perfection. Vegetables include potatoes, onions, mushrooms, carrots and peppers.  The perfectly fried pieces are then dipped into a special sauce called tentsuyu.  A tempura dish is served with rice or with noodles.

Tempura dishes are being served all over the world.


Duck soba refers to buckwheat noodles.  It is a noodle dish made from buckwheat flour and cut into noodles as thick as spaghetti.  After the noodles are cooked, it is placed in a bowl and poured with hot soup.  Soba may also be served with cold soup.

There are several varieties of soba dishes.  The common soba dish is Mori Soba.  It is a cold soba noodle which is eaten together with a soya dipping sauce.  The other tempting variety is Kake Soba.  It is served in a bowl of hot steamy broth.  The other one is the Tanuki Soba. A soba served with tenkasu, bits of fried tempura batter.  You can enjoy soba almost in all occasions in Japan. 


Udon lunch set by javic in Nikko, TochigiA popular traditional Japanese dish, known for its thick noodles which is often served hot.  The broth is made up of tasty seafood, with a dash of tempura and other toppings on top.  One may also enjoy udon served cold.  Another dish you will surely enjoy is Yaki Udon.  It is a stir fried udon topped with different kinds of toppings.

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