Unique and Fun Places in Japan

While other countries are still thinking about different ways to create something unique, Japan already did a lot of things we haven’t thought of! Their creativity is just so extraordinary that it blows our minds sometimes. Some of these things are intended but some are just naturally unique to their culture and tradition.

Check out these unique places where you can have fun!

Cat Island

田代島ネコ Tashirojima Neko

On Tashirojima Island in Miyagi Prefecture, the cats outnumbered the people residing on it. The cats’ population is huge because the residents believe that cats represent luck and good fortunes. The cats on the island are all feral as they believe that keeping them as pets is considered inappropriate, but even though, the residents still keep them well-fed and well taken care of. Aside from Tashirojima Island, the small island of Aoshima is also another known cat island in Japan. The island is almost deserted, with only around 16 individuals living there, but the habitat undoubtedly belongs to 160 cats. Many tourists visit the place to spend a blissful moment with cats and enjoy feeding these soft, fluffy, and cute beings. These islands are truly a paradise for cat lovers!

Jigokudani Monkey Park

Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park

Jigokudani, which translates to Hell Valley, is a mountain valley over 2,500 feet above the ground. The area has steep cliffs and snowy climate for more than 4 months of the month, thus its nickname, Hell Valley. The reason why this park is famous is because of Japanese Macaques, also known as Snow Monkeys, who descends from the forest to warm themselves on the hot springs that reach temperatures above 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The visitors of the park can bathe and feed the monkeys.

Takeda Castle Ruins


Have you seen a castle in the Sky? It exists in Japan!

Takeda Castle Ruins, located in Asago City in Hyogo Prefecture, is a nationally known castle in Japan for being the Castle In The Sky. The castle was built on top of a mountain and when the clouds surround the mountain, it gives an illusion of a floating castle. You can see the sight of the castle floating on a sea of clouds when the weather conditions are just right, usually in the early mornings of autumn and winter.

Vampire Cafe

Though maid cafes are not common in other countries, it is very popular in Japan. And since there’s already a lot of maid cafes in the country, a twist on the theme will make that cafe unique from other maid cafes. The Vampire Cafe in Ginza, Tokyo is a different kind of maid cafe you probably haven’t encountered. The walls of the cafe are covered with red velvet paint, carefully decorated with a delicate touch of morbid flair. The waiters are wearing snappy tuxedos while the waitresses are in French maid outfits.  From the decor to the dishes, every last detail is crafted to create a vast and eerie dining landscape. Going inside the cafe will make you forget that you are actually in a bright and busy part of Tokyo.

Yunessun Spa Resort

Yunessun Spa Resort

Just like maid cafes, hot springs (onsen) and traditional bathhouses are also very common in Japan. But Yunessun Spa Resort decided to branch out into more exotic bathing options. Located at the foot of lush green mountains in Hakone, Yunessun Spa Resort offers refreshing and unique spa options for its visitors like Green Tea Spa, where bathers get to relax in a pool filled with actual tea, and Red Wine Spa which also contains actual wine. Other options include Japanese Sake Spa, Coffee Spa, and a pepper-water filled Ramen Noodle Spa. These drink-based spas are the show stealers of the resort. Though these spas are made of actual drinks, drinking from it is highly inadvisable.

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