The Mesmerizing Pearls of Mikimoto Pearl Island

As precious as diamonds, pearls are also considered as women’s best friend. It is not just a mere accessory but a symbol of pure beauty and delicateness of a woman. If you want to get close to these exquisite creations, simply visit the Mikimoto Pearl Island at Toba.
White pearl necklaceLocated just about 5 minutes walk from Toba Kintetsu Station, the Pearl Museum boasts to be the first in the world to cultivate pearls. Inside the museum are diagrams depicting how a pearl is cultivated and harvested. Each phase has detailed explanations in English and Japanese.

Aside from the well-endowed presentation from the museum, you can proceed to the Kokichi Mikimoto Memorial Hall where you can have the chance to take a glimpse of the interesting life of Kokichi Mikimoto, the known founder of pearl cultivation. He has successfully cultivated pearls since 1893 which was named as “mabes”, but after thorough trials and dedication, Mikimoto finally was able to harness perfect pearls.

Mikimoto Pearl Island

The pearls at Mikimoto Pearl Island have essential workers that play the very important role in pearl production. These female divers are called Ama divers. Visitors have the opportunity to watch these divers perform from boats provided by the facility while listening to the guide as it explains the divers’ roles in various languages. Ama divers ensure that the pearls are not washed away by the tides especially during typhoons. They dive into the deep sea to transfer the pearls into a safer location.


After being entertained by the Ama divers, you can head on to the Pearl Plaza to satisfy your craving for pearls. In the same place, you can feast your eyes on antique pearl jewelries. One of the intriguing pieces you can find here is a model of the America’s Liberty Bell which is made entirely of pearls. Another astounding collection you can find here is a globe with seas made of pearls and the countries are represented in gold. The oldest jewelry being displayed here is a 1st century necklace from Rome which is made of jade, beads, pearls and gold. They have a wide range of pearl products available for each and every visitors’ taste. You can also enjoy their delicious food from their restaurant on the second floor with a Toba Bay in your view.

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