Experience the Unexpected Parallels at Yoro Park

Site of Reversible Design - Yoro Park

Yoro, a district in Gifu Prefecture, is known for its famous waterfall, the Yoro Falls. But did you know that there’s another famous attraction in Yoro that will blow your mind?

On the eastern side of the Yoro Mountains, you can find Yoro Park, also known as the Site of Reversible Destiny. This theme park is 18,000 sqm wide that consists of the main pavilion called the Critical Resemblance House and the vast bowl-like Elliptical Field. When visiting Yoro park, you must also be prepared to get disoriented as it seems like gravity might not exist there. This is because of how the designers planned the orientation of the theme park. But disorientation aside, the park also promises a lot of fun for both adults and kids alike.

Reversible Destiny Office - Yoro Park

Upon entering the park, the first pavilion you will encounter is the Reversible Destiny Office which contains uneven pastel-colored maze and a ceiling that mirrors the design of the floor. The height of the wall for the maze is not that high so adults can go through the maze rather easily, but kids entering the building will surely be facing a challenge.

Critical Resemblance House

Next to the Reversible Destiny Office is the Critical Resemblance House that has a map of Gifu Prefecture as its roof and inside it is a maze and sets of furniture arranged in pairs on the floor, the ceiling, and on the walls. Inside the maze, you can experience the twist and turns. Your brain will surely need to work inside the maze house while fighting for the disorientation you might be feeling due to its interior.

Reversible Destiny - Elliptical Field

The Elliptical Field is a concave basin set in the foothill of the park. The field holds the rest of the park and contains a series of nine pavilions joined by an intricate network of 148 paths. The pavilions inside the Elliptical Field are Exactitude Ridge, Trajectory Membrane Gate, Zone of Clearest Confusion, Mono no Aware Transformer, and Imaging Navel. Aside from the said pavilions, the park also includes other attractions such as golf courses, tennis courts, food courts, and a special area called Kid’s World.

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