Don’t Miss These: 5 Street Foods in Tokyo

Food is an unquestionably vital part of the travel experience. The key to understanding a place’s culture and history often lies in its cuisine. Most of the travelers choose to do this by making a reservation at a well known tourist trap restaurant, we believe that in order to locate the best food in a new place, one often has to venture to the streets. Eating street food is an easy and inexpensive way to fill your stomach. Plus, it also opens the door to a whole world of pure deliciousness.

Let’s hit the streets of Tokyo and check out their  5 Iconic Street Foods. 


Takoyaki or also known as octopus balls or octopus dumplings, is one of Japan’s famous well-known street food. Originated in Osaka Prefecture, takoyaki is made with a tasty mix of batter, benishouga (pickled red ginger), green onions, and pieces of octopus. You can watch takoyaki being cooked right in front of your eyes during festivals and shopping streets. What made takoyaki famous is that even though it looks plain, the flavors and texture complex with a crispy exterior and a soft interior, which is best paired with your beer!


Ikayaki or grilled squid is a Tokyo street food staple. Partially whole or even whole squid are deluge with sweet soy sauce and seasonings, skewered and grilled to perfection. Though, ikayaki may look like a simple snack, but when made properly, the slimy meat transform into a plump and tender culinary work of art. This street food is even popular during local festivals and fairs.


Dango are very common and can even be purchased at convenience stores, but if you want to taste the homemade version you have to buy it on the streets, especially during festivals. These rounded shape Japanese dumplings are made from mochiko or rice flower and blanketed with layer of shoyu and sugar sauce. These cute little dumplings has varieties of sweetness depending on your preference. If you like light sugary snack, try the cute colored hanami dangok, or if you like something heavy, rich and gooey, chose the sweet potato-filled ikinari dango.


Yakitori or grilled chicken is basically small pieces of chicken that are skewered and cooked swiftly over flaming hot charcoal. This is often eaten as snack, specifically on the way home from work by most Japanese that’s why you can usually find it near a train station. However, if you want to go extreme and exotic you may also try the chicken skin, heart, liver, and cartilage from the keel bone between the breasts version. This street food is popular later in the evening for the reason that it goes well with beer.


You will find this street food throughout the city. Taiyaki is a fish-shaped cake traditionally filled with anko or red bean paste, however these days are stuffed with almost anything from cheese to custard. Taiyaki is particularly common in Tokyo and can be eaten as a snack or dessert. How would you eat this tasty street food? Head first or tail first? You decide.

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