The Secret Paradise in Kameiwa Cave


Kameiwa Cave is located in Shimizu Keiryū Park, in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. It was a rarely visited place until an Instagram photo of the cave went viral in 2015. The captured photo showed the enchanting effect of the light passing through the cave and its reflection on the water surface that creates a natural heart shape reflection of itself.

The light coming out from the cave is a magical and out of this world scenic view that tourists call it a real-life version of the settings in the Studio Ghibli’s film like Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away.

As natural as it may look, Kameiwa Cave and the little falls inside it (Nomizo Waterfall) are actually man-made, created to irrigate the rice fields during the Edo Times (around 1660). The cave was made over 300 years ago that’s why it has merged well with nature.

The Best Time To Visit Kameiwa Cave

The cave is very easy to find and it is only 4 hours away from Tokyo via train. However, the magical scenery is not always there. You need the right timing and the right season to be able to see the one of a kind view.

The best time to see the stunning view is from late March until early April and from late September to early October. During those periods, the sun rays will shine through the cave around 6:30 to 7:30 in the morning. The time is quite limited so it’s best to go there as early as you can. And since the cave is quite a fame, you should also mind that there will be a lot of people getting around those times to see the view as well.

Though the light won’t pass through Kameiwa Cave during the fall season, the place still looks stunning because the leaves around the cave turn into a variety of colors, giving it another kind of beauty.

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