Japan Living: Why You Should Consider A Loft-Type Apartment

Loft-type housing is a great way to maximize the space of a bungalow house or a small studio unit. Going for a loft living gives a lot of open space and thus, making a small apartment look and feel big. Since a loft space is separated from the rest of the home, it means that the loft can work both as a space that requires at least a little bit of privacy but still accessible to the whole family. It will also make the ceiling appear higher which makes the apartment look bigger than it usually is.

In addition to that,  if you are a person who loves art and enjoys designing, then loft-type housing is like a blank canvas fo you where you can display your favorite paintings and integrate your kind of aesthetics into the design.

Where to Find Loft Apartments in Japan?

Loft-type Apartment in Chuo, Tokyo
Brand new designer’s apartment in central Tokyo

This loft type apartment is located on the top floor of a newly-built three-story wooden house. The interior is designed with a solid wood floor with Muji kitchen unit and it comes with a small balcony where you can enjoy the view of the park nearby. It has a minimalistic wood design. The apartment is located in a business district, which means that there are a lot of restaurants and stores around the area. It’s just 15 minutes walk to Nihonbashi and 5 minutes walk to the Sumidagawa River which has a nice running course. You can surely enjoy the convenience of the city because of its location.

Loft-type Apartment in Nakano, Tokyo

HN5/FreeWiFi/3min from Ochiai station/2016 built

Just 3 minutes walk from Ochiai Station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, you can reach this 40 sqm loft apartment. The stylish interior is made of concrete and wood elements. The apartment is on the 5th floor of the building so a good amount of sunlight comes in every morning. Inside the apartment are a double sofa bed and a spacious loft where you can lay 3 single-sized futons.

Loft-type Apartment in Setagaya, Tokyo

Short-term stay OK ☆ Art Mansion ☆ 7 people! Share OK!

This loft-type apartment is based on the concept of a 24-hour Art museum. It gives the guests a chance to experience the unique and artistic Japanese Culture. Because of its loft, this 48sqm apartment looks larger than it looks like. The rooms here are filled with artworks all around that also tricks our eyes to make the living space look bigger.

Loft-type Apartment in Setagaya, TokyoShibuya Monthly-mansion 101

This apartment is 68sqm big with has 1 separate room and a large loft to accommodate from 6 up to 12 people maximum. The landlord surely maximized the whole area to accommodate more people. This apartment is specially tailored for groups or families who want to experience comfort and convenience in Tokyo.

8min Shinjuku Starry Ocean Room 102

This humble sized loft type apartment is just 5 minutes away from the nearest station. Even though it is small, you can still enjoy a lot of space because the bedroom is in the loft area to separate it from the living and dining area. It is also complete with amenities and a mini-kitchen to cater to all your daily needs. This apartment is perfect for a couple or solo travelers.