Japan Living: Maximizing Tiny Living Spaces

Apartment in Osaka

Most studio type apartments can be a little cramped for convenience. That’s why living in small spaces needs proper interior design and the right furniture in order to make the living space look bigger and to maximize every inch of it.

One way to make a small space look bigger is to use very light colors or very dark colors to give the apartment a depth. This will create an illusion of a wider and larger space. Putting a full length against the wall is also a very common trick to make a small space look bigger. The mirror will reflect the pathway, giving an illusion of another pathway.

Large windows can also make your space look larger. But if you don’t have a large window to begin with then, what you need to consider is to use floor-to-ceiling curtains even if you have a small window. This will give make your ceiling look high. Using art pieces above eye level can also give an illusion of a high ceiling. While it is important to divide the living area from the sleeping area, it is also a factor in maximizing your space. One thing to solve this is to put a large door or pathway on the divider wall. This will not only divide the spaces accordingly but will also give an impression of a wider area.

Choosing the right furniture is also the key factor to maximize your space. It is also highly recommended to use foldable furniture especially if you don’t use them often. It is important that you know which furniture you needed the most for a long morning routine. For example, most people only use a bed when it’s time to sleep while some only use the dining table when they have visitors. Given that thought, a foldable table or bed can be converted into something you needed more every morning like a living room or a workspace.

It is also important to organize your things properly if you are living in a small space. Having a lot of hidden storage in a small apartment is also one of the key factors to maximize space. In choosing your storage, it is better that you make it vertical rather than horizontal to save space. You can also utilize multi-function furniture like a side table with a cabinet or drawers or a small stool with hidden storage. This way, there will always be a place to hide all those clutter.

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