Jiyugaoka—Stroll Around Tokyo’s Little Europe

C'est Jiyugaoka degozaimasu

Tokyo has a lot of notable tourist attractions such as Asakusa, Harajuku, and Akihabara. And when a place is popular, it means more people and more crowds. That’s why discovering another haven in a buzzing place like Tokyo is like discovering a gem. It may seem untrue but just a 10-minute train ride from Shibuya, you’ll reach the cozy and trendy neighborhood of Jiyugaoka in Meguro, a place often referred to as osharena machi by the locals, which means “a stylish and sophisticated place”. Jiyugaoka is a hub of fashionable boutiques and trendy cafes. But what makes this place extra special is its narrow paths that will make you feel like you’re in Europe but still incorporated with a Japanese touch.


Jiyuoka has a miniature Venice-inspired complex called La Vita with authentic Italian architecture. It has its own small canal, real gondola, Venetian bridge, and a clock tower. This little complex has several cafes and shops around where you can chill at any time.

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Jiyuoka also has some fashion boutiques where you can personally handpick some budget-friendly designer items. There are also shops that sell some apparel, skincare products, and even collectibles. You’ll definitely buy a great find from one of Jiyuoka’s shops.

Jiyugaoka Shutters restaurant

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it is guaranteed that you’ll find a dining spot in Jiyugaoka. You can have your European style breakfast from Gontran Cherrier and have a light snack at Potato Cream later on. If you enjoy salads and pasta dishes, then Shutters is your place to go. For lunch, Yakumo Saryo offers a savoring kaiseki lunch and a relaxing afternoon at its Zen garden. For those who love sweets and teas, you can also find numerous cafes and tea houses easily in the area. These cafes are all very unique to their own because each one of them has different themes.

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