The mesmerizing wisteria at the Kamitoba Sewage Treatment Plant

Japan’s cherry blossoms tend to steal the spotlight and  every spring, travelers from around the world visit Japan to see the country’s cherry blossoms, but the season also brings several other stunning blooms to admire.

Wisteria vines are no less enchanting, popularly known as fuji in Japanese, may only be the country’s second most famous flowers, but thanks to their ability to bend, wisteria can be turned into large tunnels of blue, pink, purple, and white to make for a kaleidoscopic floral tunnel.

While peak blooming periods can vary depending on the temperature, lucky visitors may be able to catch Japan’s cherry blossoms and wisteria blooms in one trip. The blooming period is about 5 days within from the end of April to early May, with slight variations depending on the type of wisteria in bloom.

Other popular wisteria destinations throughout Japan include Kamitoba Sewage Treatment Plant in Kyoto is also an unexpectedly pleasant place to view the flowering trees. For several days each year, the Kamitoba Sewage Treatment Plant offers public viewings of the wisteria. Kamitoba sewage‐treatment plant is located in neither a park nor a shrine, a temple, but in the Kamitoba sewage‐treatment plant. It is specially opened to the public at only wisteria blooming season.

The location is popular thanks to a 120-meter-long tunnel of wisteria visitors can walk through. This year, it will be open from April 26 through 28 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Kyoto at the end of April to early May, you may be able to visit and one of the good things about it is it is open to the public. Here, you’ll find lush purple blooms and a warm atmosphere complete with classical music piped on loudspeakers and locals selling iced coffee and sake.

The closest station: There is a direct bus from Kyoto station or take bus 19 to Tobaohashikitazume bus stop and walk.

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