Daimyo—Fukuoka’s Trend and Hip Disctrict

Bar Oscar at Daimyo, Chuo, Fukuoka
Daimyo District is considered as the beating heart of Fukuoka. It is where all the trendy stuff, good food, cafes, clubs, and shopping bazaars are located. In other words, some of the very best things to do in Fukuoka can be found here. Unlike other hot places in Tokyo like Akihabara or Harajuku where you can see a lot of school girls roaming around, Daimyo’s audiences are mainly centered with 20-35 years old, with a more matured and refined taste.

Daimyo is a perfect getaway for morning coffee or afternoon shopping. It’s a small district compared to those in Tokyo but while working your way through its busy street, you’ll find a lot of stores and shops.

Because it’s a humble sized district, getting around and discovering hidden gems will be easier and much more enjoyable. You can enter some shops that sell vintage and hip fashion items. After a tiring shopping gala, you can chill and cool down at cafes waiting for you right at the corner.

It is also very lively at night in Daimyo because of the bars and clubs in the area. If you have a specific preference for a bar, then you don’t have to worry because you’ll find different themed bars in the area such as western and Mexican themed bars, sports bars, traditional Japanese bars, and more.

Settle Near Daimyo

Daimyo District offers you not only the latest fashion trends and lively bars but also convenience. Due to its location, there are a lot of establishments in the area such as convenience stores, shopping centers, and food shops. This makes the area near Daimyo a perfect place to settle in during your stay in Fukuoka.

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