What to Look Forward in Japan on 2021


Due to the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, a lot of big events and festivals in Japan were canceled. Tourists were not able to travel as flights were canceled and border restrictions were stricter than usual. Experts believe that there will be a huge surge for the upcoming year if the pandemic dies down.

With that being said, here are the events and festivals that people will surely look forward to in 2021.

Tokyo Olympics Game 2021

The world-renown Olympics Game which was supposed to happen in Tokyo, Japan has been delayed for another year. With that, athletes and supporters brace themselves for another year of preparation for Tokyo Olympics 2021 which will be held in Japan National Studium in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Where to Stay?

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Golden Week

One of the events that many people in Japan look forward to every year is the Golden Week. It is a collection of national holidays that happens within seven days. It is one of the busiest holiday seasons in Japan in which trains, airports, and tourist spots get very crowded. Even accommodations are booked in advance for this week-long celebration.

Cherry Blossom Festival (Hanami)

The coronavirus outbreak happened just before spring and therefore, disappointed a lot of locals and tourists as the Cherry Blossom Festival or Hanami happens during this season. It is one of the most anticipated seasonal activities in Japan. The blooming colors of cherry blossom trees from parks and mountains give spectacular scenery to the place. A lot of tourists visit Japan during this season because of Hanami.

Other Seasonal Festivals

Cherry Blossom Festival every Spring is a known festival in Japan but aside from that, there are also other big seasonal festivals in Japan that might be less popular to tourist but is very big in Japan—the Winter Festivals and the Summer Festivals (Natsu Matsuri). These two festivals are mostly local-based where extravagant floats and street parades are featured and the streets are filled with crowd. Firework Festival is also one of the main highlights of both seasons. These festivals are anticipated every year but due to the ongoing pandemic, most summer festivals were canceled and upcoming winter festivals might be affected. But once the pandemic is over, these festivals will surely be as extravagant and amazing as ever.


Akihabara is a very well known district in Tokyo for its buzzing street filled with electronic retailers and different anime-themed shops. Due to the outbreak, the busy district that runs all day long has been empty. But once everything is back to normal, get ready to be hyped up and get busy in Akihabara’s crowd once again. Akihabara has a lot of shops, stalls, and cafes that visitors can go. As the otaku district of Japan, expect a lot of maid cafes and anime events nearby.