Get hyped and Go urban kayaking in Nihonbashi

That’s right, you are not hallucinating or misreading anything. Kayaking in Tokyo is now possible and Tokyo Great Kayaking Tour offer’s guided kayak tours on the canals of Tokyo and participants get to experience paddling under Nihonbashi Bridge. Not just that but it’s like hitting one bird with two stones since you’ll get a chance to go surfing on the gentle waves of Sumidagawa River as well – but first let us focus on the Kayaking experience in Nihonbashi. Tokyo Great Kayaking Tour offers three courses that depend on your level of experience; this includes evening tours during the summer as well.

To boost your excitement, here’s a bit of an overview of the tour.

  • To start,  you will have a safety discussion first
  • It’s a 3-5 hour course with a break for about half-way on the bank with a cup of tea and biscuits.
  • When paddling along the Tokyo canals, the scenery is truly magnificent since you’ll get to see industrial sections/riverside apartments of Tokyo reflected in the water
  • Kayaking in Tokyo canals also offer glimpses of more modern landmarks such as the Tokyo Sky tree, Tokyo tower, the coffee-colored headquarters of the Asahi Shimbun and the elegant Chou bridge.
  • Get to cross Sumida river
  • The tour guide will also explain the history of the spots that you shouldn’t miss knowing.

Overall it’s a unique, fun, and enjoyable way to explore Tokyo and this kayaking tour is an excellent way to see Tokyo from an unusual angle. It let you see the new Japanese capital and gives you a fresh experience and perspective on the urban life and history of Tokyo canals. It’s a type of adventure and escapade that you shouldn’t miss.

Lastly, here is a golden tip if you want to have a trip of a lifetime memory. We recommend doing this activity during Spring (March to May) since it’s a wonderful experience to paddle during Hanami season! (flower viewing). In Tokyo, many of the canals are lined with rows of flowering trees and during the tour you will get to cross on an endless Cherry blossom along the river banks, a perfect way to fully savor the tranquility it offers since it is away from the hustle and bustle at the sightseeing spots.

After a long and tiring day of experiencing the urban kayaking in Nihonbanshi, the next thing one would be looking forward to is a warm and cozy place to recharge and refuel to be on the go the next day.

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