Be One with Nature at Nasu—The Hidden Gem of Tochigi

While tourists may not be familiar with Nasu, a town located in the northern part of Tochigi Prefecture, it is a popular destination among Japanese living in the Kanto region for its bountiful natural surroundings. Just a two-hour drive away from Tokyo, you can already enjoy multiple activities such as hiking, skiing, and kayaking. There are also some fun attractions to visit that will suit the liking of both children and adults. It is the perfect getaway place from the bustle of Tokyo.

The Treasures in Mt. Nasu

In the middle of Nasu lies Mt. Nasu, a cluster of volcanic mountains which is also the main source of the region’s premier hot springs. This 1,917m high mountain has several hiking trails that will lead you to enticing waterfalls such as Ryuka Waterfall and Otome Waterfall. There are also several suspension bridges in the area to provide easy access for travelers to enjoy the scenery. You can also climb one of Mt. Nasu’s many peaks in order to see the magnificent 360-degree view of the mountain.

Relax and meditate on Nasu’s premium hot Springs

Due to Mt. Nasu’s volcanic mechanism, Nasu is also known for its various hot springs. You can enjoy the mountain view while taking a dip in Shika-no-Yu at Nasu Hot Spring Village. This hot spring is considered as one of the most famous hot spring destinations in Nasu and among one of the oldest in Japan.  If you like to consider more options, you can also try out Yu-Yu Tengoku which offers various styles of bath and saunas.

Interact with nature’s authentic inhabitants

After a long day of physical activities and healing, the next destination is away from the mountain but still one of the best ways to interact with nature. Nasu Safari Park has 700 animals inside its vast premise. You can ride by car or bus to go around the park and observe the animals closely. Catch some rare sites of different animals like this white lion sleeping peacefully inside the park and much more. Visitors can also experience feeding the grass-eating animals up close.

This place is perfect for visitors with kids and even among adults who love animals.

Be at Peace at the Furnished

Since Nasu offers a lot of attractions and activities, one day will not be enough to experience everything. With that being said, Kaguaruoo is here to help you find the perfect place to stay in Nasu.

This large garden house is a fully furnished, well-equipped, 2LDK house located in Nasu—perfect for group travelers, may it be family or friends. Due to its wooden feature and the trees surrounding the area, it gives off a ‘cabin in the woods’ vibes that will make you feel like you are inside a forest. The interior of the house is a mix of traditional and modern design. Contrary to its classic appearance, the house is complete with modern and basic amenities such as washing machine, microwave, rice cooker, etc. You will surely enjoy the serenity of nature at this place.



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