Looking for a furnished apartment in Chiba?

Chiba is the capital city of Chiba prefecture. Located along Tokyo Bay, this terrific city has a pleasantly mild climate and rich natural resources, making it one of the excellent residential environments in Japan. It’s convenience and easily accessed location makes Chiba a hot spot for apartment hunters, not to mention they have lower rents compared to the known expensive city of Tokyo. Chiba’s largest station is the JR Chiba station which can take you to Tokyo station in just a matter of 40 minutes. The suspended monorail is also a great attraction in Chiba as it is considered as the world’s longest. It is also a creative way to view the city on top.

Now, that you have made aware that Chiba has the capacity to compete with Tokyo in terms of commendable living standards, let’s pore over this fully furnished apartment.

Featuring a relaxed style fully furnished apartment which is only a few minutes walk from Keiseifunabashi station. This 1K layout apartment can accommodate up to two occupants, with a spacious 21 square meter floor area. Whether you will be renting it for a long term, or just a month, this listing is the perfect choice for you. It is recently refurbished and all appliances are brand new to guarantee that all of it is in perfect working condition. A kitchen complete with all the cooking utensils and equipment, and a separate bathroom and toilet to satisfy the needs for the essential components for living comfortably. A washer and dryer is also provided to ensure that you can wash all your laundry conveniently in the listing. There are also closet spaces and cabinets all over the listing and a powerful air conditioning system that allows you to switch to heating during winter. So much with the description of the apartment’s interior. The location is also a great factor to consider as it belonged to a laid-back neighborhood with amenities such as convenience stores, supermarkets, train stations, drug stores and so much more can be reached within walking distances only.

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In order to rent an apartment in Japan, one must pay a visit first to a real estate agent that will guide you through the procedures. It is also an advantage that you can communicate in Japanese as most landlords do not speak English. The leasing contracts are also provided in Japanese therefore before you affix your signature into the contract, you must have it translated by your real estate agent to avoid misunderstanding in the future. When signing the contract, you must also provide the landlord with further requirements such as a copy of your Residence card, a certificate of employment, a certificate of income and a seal registration certificate.

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