Best rental location in Akihabara – Fully furnished and affordable apartment

Akibahara is known as the worlds leading electronic district and the heart of anime, manga or what we so called Otaku. This place is considered by many to be the center of modern Japanese popular culture and a major shopping district for video games, anime merchandise, the latest technologies and gadgets.

Icons from popular anime and manga are displayed noticeably on the shops around the area – this is just one of the merchants’ technique to advertise their product, that would surely catch the interest of most of the Otaku’s. Numerous Maid Cafe’s – one of the top attractions in Tokyo, are scattered throughout the district as well. This shop is basically where maids would serve their guest in cute frilly costumes, and they would call you as their master.

For Otaku’s out there Akibahara should surely be at the top of your list to visit, not just the die hard anime fan – but also the avid gamers and animators this place is surely your haven.

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