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Been to Kobe? Of course you have heard of this popular place especially when talking about food. And who says you’re wrong? Kobe is indeed the home of the well-known Kobe beef. With a magnificent artistry of fat streaks from each strand and that melts in your mouth goodness that only this special beef can offer.

In mid 19th century, Kobe has been the gateway of traders from Asia, most specifically from China. The place has embraced diversity and trading and has been good in maintaining it all through the years. However, Kobe doesn’t always lavish in the limelight. On the dreadful day of January 17, 1995, the great Hanshin Earthquake struck the city. Leaving around 4,000 people dead and thousands homeless. It was a moment the people of Kobe wished was a nightmare. Though grief and hopelessness has enveloped the place, this doesn’t stop the passion of these people to stand and to keep the fire burning for the future of their place. After a few years, Kobe has once again flourished and took over Yokohama’s place as the second most busiest port in the country. With that, Kobe is unstoppable. Business investors came flowing like milk and economy tasted like honey for the people of Kobe. Now, present Kobe has been a habitat for over 30,000 expats from all over the globe. Living in Kobe has given them much contentment and fulfillment. The community embraces them as their own. In addition to that, more and more expats are considering Kobe for their relocation. But, whatever purpose you have in considering a transfer to Kobe, you will then recognize that the process of acquiring a modest apartment is not an easy task. There are several things to consider like finding a reliable broker, guarantor, Japanese bank account, hard copies for all the documents required by the landlord, and sufficient money to cover for the several fees required in renting.

With Japan, being a leader in innovation and technology, the old method processes and requirements were short lived. Introducing, KaguAruoo – the one stop shop for all your rental needs. Secure that place easily and conveniently. Brimming with fully furnished apartments from all over Japan, searching your ideal apartment couldn’t be more exciting. They have filtering options that help you sort out listings from distance from nearest station, number of occupants, move in and move out dates an even lay out of the apartment. If you’re lost in the website and don’t know how to start, just press that red button on the bottom of their page and you’ll get to chat with their user support team who is available and ready to assist you. KaguAruoo also ensures that all listings are active and landlords responsive. Simply type in your move in and move out date and you’re ready to go.

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