Sumida ward, a place to be in Tokyo City.

Sumida is a special ward found in the metropolitan city of Tokyo, Japan. The ward was founded back on March 15, 1947. Sumida ward is named after Sumida river.

There are a lot of attractions in Sumida ward. The biggest and most well known of them is Tokyo Sky Tree. The Sky Tree is known to be the tallest tower in the world and also the tallest building structure in Japan. The Tokyo Sky Tree is home to two observation decks. One at 350 meters and the other at 450 meters. The observation deck offers a panoramic view of the metropolitan city. So if you’re in Sumida, The Tokyo Sky Tree is definitely a must-go attraction. Other attractions are: the Tokyo-Edo Museum. The museum houses the history of Tokyo back when it was still called “Edo”. The museum showcases everyday life in Edo, the architecture, political structure and etc. One could also opt to visit or attend a Sumo match. Sumo is a type of Japanese wrestling where the goal is to push your opponent outside of a circular ring. Sumo wrestling is regarded as Japan’s national sport. The place to attend a Sumo match in Sumida is Kokugikan Stadium. If Sumo is not your thing then you could head over to Sumida Aquarium located inside the Sky Tree complex. The aquarium has over 10,000 sea creatures. The design of the aquarium is made as such that people can view the sea creatures at any angle. One could also opt to go to Sumida Park. It is a park that goes along the river of which the ward was named after. During spring, the entire park turns pink because of the many cherry blossoms that bloom during spring.

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