Heavenly Springs in Hokkaido

Hokkaido is not just famous for its thick snow in winter. Hokkaido also has hidden beauty amidst  the much awaited season of all – Spring! When the snow melts, vegetation starts to take full swing. The snow capped landscapes transform to picturesque showcase of flowers and trees in different shapes and colors. There’s nothing more beautiful than feeling the sun kiss your cheeks, feel the smooth grass upon your feet and touch the flowers so soft and delicate within your grasp. It’s a feeling that you rejoice being alive.

The best way to experience Hokkaido is to live like a local. Never settle in spending your trip in sightseeing, but get to pick up tokens of knowledge on Japanese culture. If your target location this spring is Hokkaido, then this article would be helpful to you. Our featured apartment is a spacious 35 square meter 1 LDK apartment in Hokkaido. It can accommodate a maximum of 4 people with 2 double sized beds in a bedroom. The room has a kitchenette with complete set of utensils and appliance to ensure that preparing meal will be easy and fun. Toilet and bathroom are separate, with towels, bath soap, shampoo and even laundry detergent are provided. Added bonus is the spacious living room where you can entertain your guests or simply relax and watch TV. The apartment is located in a nice neighborhood. Like all apartments in Japan, one must respect their neighbors. Avoid creating boisterous noise among hallways and common rooms in the building. You must also be responsible for your garbage. Train station is also a few minutes walking distance only. To inspect the listing further, you may visit KaguAruoo.

After choosing an accommodation, you may now wonder how will you start your spring adventure? You may start by reading more from this article.

ONZE Harukayama
A vast 25 acres of land, this hillside park is home to over a million flowers. The most abundant here are the lilies. Did you know that there are different species of lilies? In ONZE Harukayama, you can witness around 50 species of lilies, each very distinct with unique shapes, fragrance and colors. You can walk among the flower fields and enjoy the gentle waves of the flowers dancing beneath the sunny sky. Captivate the moment where you are standing in the middle of a flower field… a common scene we only see in movies. If your feet are not up to walking, you may also choose the cable car to get you up to the hill top. The best timing to witness the flowers all in full bloom are between early July to early August.

Zerubu-no-Oka (Flower Park)
The park is filled with lavender, poppies and sunflower. Aside from flower fields, you may also take a breathtaking view of an open grass field and Atomu Hill, enjoy enticing dishes at Zerubu-no-Oka Restaurant, and shop for souvenirs at Zerubo-no-Oka Atomu Shop. A parking lot and rest rooms can also be found in the park.

Tomita Farm
Considered to be a famous farm to visit in spring, Tomita Farm offers a wide variety of flowers. Obviously, the 5 hectare lavender fields has been on cover of different magazines and movie scenes, Who wouldn’t be fascinated facing this beautifully colored landscape? The farm is about 25 minutes walk from Furano station. If you are not aware, the farm has 3 large lavender fields. Field number 1 is the traditional lavender field which shall welcome you upon entering Tomita Farm. In mid July, the entire field and it’s tiny slopes are covered with this elegant purple flowers that extends far as the eye can see. Being on the second place, this next lavender field is a combination of two lavender plant types: Noushi Hayazaki and Okamurasaki. Best timing to view these lavender in full bloom is between June and mid July. Now, to be ultimately amazed with the lavender craze of this farm, comes the third lavender field which is situated at the center of the farm. This field showcases 4 different types of lavender plants: Okamurasaki, Noushi Hayazaki, Yotei, and Hanamoiwa. If you are a total fan of the lavender flower and everything purple, then this place is perfect for you.

Best place to enjoy nature’s finest!

Flowers are God’s mysterious creation. It warms our hearts and creates joy and deep sense of contentment when you are surrounded by them. We are truly lucky since the people in Hokkaido  have high respect for Mother Nature. We can still experience the vast bounty of our habitat at its finest, eventhough the planet has embraced much technological innovations over the past century.

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