Sapporo Snow Festival, melts your heart, warms your soul

Snow is everywhere!!

The origin of the Sapporo Snow Festival dates back in 1950 where a group of local high school students created six ice statues that caught the attention of a crowd of 50,000 people. Soon after that, the festival got its first media coverage on 1959 with 2,500 people participating in creating beautiful ice sculptures. Later on, Sapporo was given a chance to host the Winter Olympic Games in 1972 which paved way for the festival to be known world wide through international media exposure. Since then, people flock from all over the globe to witness this unique and chilling festival.  The Snow Festival (Sapporo Yuki Matsuri) is held every February in Hokkaido, Sapporo’s capital. The festival is known as Japan’s most popular winter events. 


There are three places to experience the festival: the Odori Park, Susukino Street and Community Dome Tsudome. The main site of the festival is the one in Odori Park. Showcasing more than a hundred large snow sculptures are displayed here. One of the highlights of the displays are the huge ice statues measuring more than 25 meters wide and 15 meters high. Concerts, activities and small events are held in Odori Park. The ice sculptures are at its best when they are lit at dusk. The atmosphere suddenly transports you to a different dimension of lights, crystal and colors. Food stalls are also scattered everywhere. Satisfy yourself from Sapporo’s finest dishes:  yakitori, okonomiyaki pancakes and takoyaki octopus balls. If you are done with the jaw dropping experience at Odori Park, the Susukino site is your next destination. There are about a hundred ice sculptures displayed here. Susukino is located one subway stop south of Odori Park. Related to the displays from Odori Park, the ice sculptures here are also lit up at night. Make sure to prepare your camera for that perfect Instagram photo.


The third venue of the festival is located at the Community Dome at Tsudome. Unlike Odori and Susukino which is centrally located, Tsudome is located outside the city. You can reach Tsudome by a shuttle bus that departs from Odori Park and from Sapporo Station every 15 to 30 minutes. The third venue falls as a perfect family recreation activity. You will find numerous attractions and snow activities such as snow slides, snow rafting and even see some snow sculptures. The giant slide is the famed attraction here. The attractions found here can be enjoyed both indoor and outdoor. An ice bar is also here to take care in quenching your thirst. Nothing is more fulfilling than keeping yourself warm despite from being surrounded by ice and snow. Tuck in with a beer in your hand or with a steaming bowl of hot ramen or noodles.



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Gearing up for Sapporo Snow Festival

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Be sure to wear thick layers of clothing, good shoes so that you’ll never end up slipping on roads each time, a camera of course to document everything and most especially a substantial amount of cash. Food stalls are seemingly pricey during the festival.

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